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Jaytem gets a facelift

17 Jul
July 17, 2012

You all may have noticed that the Jaytem site is looking a little bit different now-a-days. I finally convinced my talented wife @teaberryrelish to design a logo for me. Well, actually I have been begging her for a logo for a couple of years now, but I finally gave her an idea that she ran with, and I think it is brilliant.

In addition, the old theme and tagline of “Jump The Map” really didn’t make a lot of sense, so I went with something simpler, and less obtuse.

As for the look and feel, I wish I could say that I designed and built this great theme, but I cheated, and purchased a beautiful Wordpress theme. Why? Honestly, it was easier. I struggle a lot with PHP, and WordPress is loaded with the stuff. The pre-packaged theme provided all of the functionality I wanted, and a whole lot more that I never thought of.

In addition, I am getting some business cards printed up, and I am super excited. Jaytem business card - front

I wanted something that incorporated that beautiful logo, and had some simple information, so I could hand them out to people, and I think this accomplishes that wonderfully. I’m not after business or work, I just wanted something I could hand out at conferences if I am not representing anyone else. If you get a chance, mosey over to Teaberry Creative’s new site, and take a look at her work. She does some pretty awesome stuff.


The Mobile Dilemma – Challenges of Adding Mobile to Your Existing Website

04 Jul
July 4, 2012

It’s everywhere. You can’t get away from it. It has it’s own language; it’s own culture; and it seems as if everyone you pass on the street is part of it. It’s an unstoppable force in the online world. And it’s tiny.

I am of course talking about mobile, and if you have a website, chances are you are talking about it too. Almost everywhere you turn in the online world today, you are bombarded with information on how fast the mobile market is growing, and how pervasive and common place smart phones have become. Mobile is not something that we can ignore.

For me, mobile can probably be best described by Robin Williams as the Genie in the Disney film Aladdin: “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! itty bitty living space.”

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