Jaytem gets a facelift

17 Jul
July 17, 2012

You all may have noticed that the Jaytem site is looking a little bit different now-a-days. I finally convinced my talented wife @teaberryrelish to design a logo for me. Well, actually I have been begging her for a logo for a couple of years now, but I finally gave her an idea that she ran with, and I think it is brilliant.

In addition, the old theme and tagline of “Jump The Map” really didn’t make a lot of sense, so I went with something simpler, and less obtuse.

As for the look and feel, I wish I could say that I designed and built this great theme, but I cheated, and purchased a beautiful Wordpress theme. Why? Honestly, it was easier. I struggle a lot with PHP, and WordPress is loaded with the stuff. The pre-packaged theme provided all of the functionality I wanted, and a whole lot more that I never thought of.

In addition, I am getting some business cards printed up, and I am super excited. Jaytem business card - front

I wanted something that incorporated that beautiful logo, and had some simple information, so I could hand them out to people, and I think this accomplishes that wonderfully. I’m not after business or work, I just wanted something I could hand out at conferences if I am not representing anyone else. If you get a chance, mosey over to Teaberry Creative’s new site, and take a look at her work. She does some pretty awesome stuff.


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